Atlas of Cultural Heritage and Infrastructure of the Americas

Latin America and the Caribbean are characterized by their cultural richness and diversity. However, full advantage has not been taken of this potential to promote the economical and social development of the region.

One of the restrictions for making the most of these resources is the lack of reliable, relevant, timely and updated information both for the decision makers of private and public institutions and the general public.

In this sense, the Cultural Information System of the Americas represents an innovative tool. It is a pioneer project at continental scale that for the first time will allow having comparable information among the different countries of the region, on the geographical distribution of a wide range of essential themes for taking decisions on infrastructure and cultural heritage.

The Cultural Information System of the Americas is an initiative promoted by the Inter-American Development Bank through the Inter-American Culture and Development Foundation, meant to contribute to the full application of the power of culture as a change factor for the economical and social development of Latin America and the Caribbean.

The information gathered in this website is the result of this work –with the invaluable contribution of four countries: Costa Rica, Ecuador, Jamaica and Peru–who through their Ministries of Culture have led the compilation, systematization and analysis of the information we here find.

The possibility of putting together a very wide range of information in this website was made possible through the work that many institutions and specialists have been carrying out for many years, even decades, in their fields plus their willingness to participate in the project.

The Cultural Information System of the Americas offers the possibility of approaching the cultural diversity of the region, getting to know its origins, the current situation and the potential it represents, as well as identifying the availability and need of infrastructure so that this heritage is more accessible.

The Cultural Information System of the Americas is a public database that will be constantly updated through a network that will gradually include the rest of the continent.

The development of adequate public policies depends largely on the quality of the information available. A system with reliable and relevant information to the goals and objectives of the cultural policies does not emerge spontaneously. Quite the opposite, it must be designed, built and operated as a fundamental tool for the creation and evaluation of cultural policies. The Cultural Information System of the Americas has been conceived with this purpose.